Review of Longevity Decoded

Longevity Decoded by Dr. Stephen Schimpff is an engaging discourse on the issues facing seniors today.  The title itself draws the reader into a personal search for ways to age gracefully.  
And it is a tone of lightness and good humor employed by Dr. Schimpff that immediately underscores his central thesis for healthy aging:  a positive attitude; calm acceptance of one’s mortality; and “living in the moment.”
In presenting a common-sense, practical prescription for the aging process, Dr. Schimpff details medical information – including recent medical breakthroughs – with clarity and incisiveness.  His “seven keys” are punctuated with suggestions and tips for the senior.  In one section, he outlines the major elements of the “Mediterranean diet”; in another he notes ways to improve and maintain one’s balance.
Above all, Dr. Schimpff seems to be urging seniors to embrace life toward the end of achieving a sense of mental, emotional, and physical well-being.
Reviewed by Frank Haight, retired pubic school teacher

Stephen Schimpff, MD, MACP

Award winning author

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