The Octopus As Analogy for Healthcare Innovation

“ ‘When an octopus settles on a coral reef, it changes colors to provide protection from predators. But the color changes are not directed centrally … Each cell has the innate capacity to recognize its surroundings and change color to match.

We need that type of decentralized innovation in medicine today – innovation that starts with the provider and the patient.’
“In the last chapter of his landmark book, Fixing the Primary Care Crisis, Stephen C. Schimpff, MD FACP, introduces the above, unusual but striking analogy, for the current healthcare conundrum.
Innovation is ubiquitous in the healthcare community. We have come to expect it from our medical professionals, scientists and pharmaceutical companies. What sets Dr. Schimpff’s cause célèbre apart is his understanding that the healthcare delivery system itself is most in need of innovation.
“It is impossible to disagree with Dr. Schimpff’s compelling argument: The solution to the American healthcare conundrum should be decentralized and begin at the bottom!
“Innovation From the Bottom Up”

Quoted from Michael R H Stewart founder of Crowdfunding For Good and available  in its entirety at this link: 

Stephen Schimpff, MD, MACP

Award winning author

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